WoWAutoPart Straight Male AN to NPT Union Flare Fitting Adapter Black


WoWAutoPart Straight Male AN to NPT Union Flare Fitting Adapter Black

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  • Brand: WoWAutoPart
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Made of High-Performance Lightweight 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Material. One side is AN standard and the other is NPT National Pipe Taper Thread.  Fuel Line Connector is designed for a smooth flow, and easy assembly.  All threads are designed for the maximum percentage of engagement.  Each straight fitting is completed with a black anodized finish for corrosion protection.


  •  Universal, such as: Liquids/Oil/Water/Air/Fuel/E85/Gas etc.

Details and Features:

  • Brand Name: WoWAutoPart
  • Model Number:
    WOWCS00272S0402 (AN4 to 1/8''NPT)
    WOWCS00272S0404 (AN4 to 1/4''NPT)
    WOWCS00272S0606 (AN6 to 3/8''NPT)
    WOWCS00272S0608 (AN6 to 1/2''NPT)
    WOWCS00272S0804 (AN8 to 1/4''NPT)
    WOWCS00272S0806 (AN8 to 3/8''NPT)
    WOWCS00272S1012 (AN10 to 3/4''NPT)
    WOWCS00272S1208 (AN12 to 1/2''NPT)
  • Adapter Color: Black
  • Size: AN4 to 1/8''NPT,  AN4 to 1/4''NPT,  AN6 to 3/8''NPT,  AN8 to 1/4''NPT,  AN8 to 3/8''NPT,  AN10 to 3/4''NPT,  AN12 to 1/2''NPT
  • Product Style: AN Flare to NPT Adapter
  • Item Weight:
    AN4 to 1/8''NPT: 20g
    AN4 to 1/4''NPT: 20g
    AN6 to 3/8''NPT: 25g
    AN6 to 1/2''NPT: 30g
    AN8 to 1/4''NPT: 30g
    AN8 to 3/8''NPT: 30g
    AN10 to 3/4''NPT: 40g
    AN12 to 1/2''NPT: 45g
  • Adapter Material: High-Quality 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy

Package including :

  • AN Flare to NPT Adapter *1
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