WoWAutoPart 180 Degree Push-lock Hose Ends


WoWAutoPart 180 Degree Push-lock Hose Ends

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WoWAutoPart push lock fitting is widely used in Oil/ Water/ Fluid/ Airline etc. Connect engine with air filter, the engine with a radiator system, automobile air conditioning system, oil cooler, etc. Our Push Lock fitting only works with Rubber Push-Lock oil hose. They are not compatible with PTFE Hose, Nylon Braided Hose, or Stainless Steel Braided Hose. 

Multi Sizes Supplied: Available in 5 sizes and four angles:4AN, 6AN,8AN,10AN, 12AN/straight, 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees. (PUSH LOCK FITTING NO INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS, detailed Installation steps look described in detail.)
Designed For Smooth Flow, the hose end fittings are made of high-quality aluminum alloy material for strong strength. Polished and anodized surface provides a bright appearance and corrosion protection.
ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY- push lock fitting can be reused and recycle if you do not want them to stay in the original place. Due to the high-quality material which makes push lock fitting worked last for long.
Weld-free construction that gives better fluid flow and integrity over the normal brazed together hose ends. Push Lock fittings are easy to use and don't require special equipment. We normally recommend a bit of assembly lube to make it easier.

Product Features:        

Using high-quality aluminum production, plastic junction sealed to ensure that no oil leakage and leakage. This high-performance version of the case of pipeline joints tubing joints, leak-proof and impermeable design to ensure that oil spills and oil leakage accidents do not occur during use.

Applicable models: Generic models

Products Size: AN4, AN6, AN8, AN10, AN12

Products Color: Black, Red&Blue 

Application: apply to cars with turbo modification, installation of the oil cooling radiator connections.

Package Includes: 

1 X Hose End

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